Pillow Sales Asuka Kirara Of Life Insurance Lady jav jepang

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I used to hesitate about using my body to improve my records…but then my client’s erotic gaze changed that…” In the midst of the economic crisis, where people are cutting down on their insurance expenses, Kirara’s new way of selling her insurance is through using her body! While showing her cleavage and hip-line, she first sees if the client’s interested in her body. If she gets the sense that the client wants her, then she lets him have her in exchange with a signed contract. With this method, she aims to reach the top of the pyramid of the insurance jav industry jepang.
“Although the order of performance … first there was resistance to using the I and body. At that time, your nasty gaze I changed my …” received contract hard to get in the aftermath of the recession of the insurance industry in no circumstances …

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