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It is no wonder that this actress has not yet made her debut, and she has been given a series of photo and video shoots by the media. After her debut, she quickly focuses on attracting one eye and attracting her eyes, then attracting gold, so that the male and female fans and filmmakers all have thumbs and younger brothers. She said it. What’s a pity is that she is too “home”. Although she likes watching animation, she has a common theme with many fans, but she also allows her to do almost everything without leaving her home, not to mention leaving Japan to do activities in Taiwan. ⋯
Therefore, if you want to see the arrival of Hideta Sakura in Taiwan, it is an impossible task. Even if you specifically go to Japan, you may not be able to participate in her activities because the popularity of this actress is really high. This collaboration with self-portrait ghost company Matsuo led her to a higher level. In addition to the jav video, people saw it as hard. Even the endorsement of the Japan Adult Expo gave her a rising rank and was promoted to the industry’s leading index. About Mion details at

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