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First of all, Mia Nanasawa are super-class and small, only 145 centimeters tall. In the past, this type of jav actress may go to the Dwarf Music Film to trade the sex film. Instead, it created the Mia Nanasawa to advance the industry’s top-level filmmakers to make their debut; Second, after the works were put on, the actress’s blog and the brokerage company behind them were also turned up. It was very interesting, and I can’t think of this year. There is a girl who writes a blog. I don’t know if she wants to say too much. Is it too old-fashioned to be a manager?

Because the appearance is too mini, so the performance mode of Mia Nanasawa is almost exactly the same as that of the Dwarf music piece before. The film streaming makers are all first looking for male actors to enter the mirror to get the “most adorable height difference”. The Seven Miles became a manipulative manipulative puppet show. It was not a direct train lunch when it was lifted up. At 3P, it was even more likely to see the male superior killing her father’s enemies and making her petite. crazy…

So she sprays a lot! Scream! More video at

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