Mion Sonoda

Mion Sonoda

Name: Mion Sonoda
DOB: 11/11/94
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 150 cm
4 ft 11 in
Measurements: 90-58-88 (cm)
35-23-35 (in)
Cup Size: G


It is claimed that “there are only two people in sexual experience and they have never been blown for men.”
It is actually only a small horse, but because of the sexy curves and the good proportions of the figure, it’s quite possible for her to use a magazine. Of course, her biggest selling point is that pair of G milk headlights, coupled with bright face, highlighting the sexy hot temperament, be regarded as quite potential blue chip stocks!
She is really too fierce! On the looks, Hideo Sakurada’s high face value in the Online JAV industry video has few opponents, is the face of the fans to pass the full mark of the female actress full pass, on the body, although the early 150s are small, but Park Sakura is also a good operation For G milk, you can stand up and support yourself in front of the camera; the last part in the bed is the strength of Sakurin. She is a very powerful actress at both ends of the court. You can not only eat the good guys with meat. Wipe, you can also play with a face with a climax, with a hundred percent. More video at seksexy.com

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