Mia Nanasawa

Name: Mia Nanasawa
DOB: 12/13/98
Birthplace: n/a
Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: n/a
Height: 145 cm
4 ft 9 in
Measurements: 79-54-80 (cm)
31-21-31 (in)
Cup Size: C


Only 145cm tall, known as a female college student, “Mia Nanasawa,” is about to appear in the third lowest count of 2017, letting everyone look at what is called an idol-sized object:
Only this time, Moodyz did not name her according to the rules of the past…

As everyone knows, Moodyz loves college students, and from the beginning of Nishikawa Sakai (Nishikawa Yui), the film chamber of commerce has put in the north, south, east, and south of the names of these large-scale newcomers, like hosting a show with Kojima Kojima (Kojima Minami). The “Katsukawa-eup (Sakagawa-nan)” and “Ito-chan (Ito Kanaumi)” with super selling sex ability are all large-scale objects that everyone knows are key newcomers. But this time, the Mia Nanasawa is different. Although the same is a large-scale new student who is tagged as a “family” label, she has not only complied with Moodyz’s past rules for the name of the best jav actress, but even the appearance of her and her seniors. We have a difference streaming ~

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